100 Reviews for Sidney on Amazon.co.uk

Reached a landmark today: 100 reviews on Amazon.co.uk for The Sid Tillsley Chronicles

What’s even nicer to report is I’m averaging a really high mark: 4.76.

Officially, I’m a pretty big wheel down at the cracker factory.

2 thoughts on “100 Reviews for Sidney on Amazon.co.uk”

  1. Well I REALY fond this triptych a good laff I’ve read lots of books but few have made me laff oiutloud but this trilogy does it for me. Out of all the books I have read this has amused me the most. Brilliant stuff. Well woth the price and well written. It made me really laff out loud. Keep on writing sir you have the talent and you amused me a lot thanks for the memories. I am currently re reading the triliogy cos it amuses me. Thanks again Jon x

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