200 Goodreads Reviews for The Chronicles

And a fine average to boot (4.45/5.00). Only Mrs Anne Griffin and Dr. Qazi have given Sidney a one-star rating (so far). If you’re on Goodreads, then please give Sid a review, as it all feeds back into Amazon.

After the success of Fistful of Rubbers being sold for 99p, Amazon ran another promo on Sidney, and gave him away free for a few days, but the ratings have not recovered unfortunately, and he’s down in the charts. I’m hoping it’s not the end of a good run, or that Joe Pasquale’s debut novel Deadknobs and Doomsticks, Joe Pasquale’s collection of bizarre and surreal horror stories isn’t taking all my sales (I shit you not).

Amazon pretty much decide the fate of indie authors, and I for one welcome our new corporate overlords.

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