Christmas Tidings

Many positive generic non-religious wishes to you all.

Few bits of news…

There’s been a delay with the release of It’s… Kind of  Magic, which you’ve probably gathered as I haven’t spammed you with posts over the last couple of months. I’m hoping LL-Publications will release it in February. I’ll keep you updated.

I’ve moved jobs, and start the new one next week. A couple of weeks between positions, I’ve hammered book 2 of the Magical Modernity series, Steroids and Sorcery. I’ve written 28,000 words in my “two weeks off” (as the wife calls it) and I’m half way through my first draft (52,000 words in).

After The Sid Tillsley Chronicles, I’ve tried to rein Magical Modernity in a bit, in terms of gross-out, swearing, violence. I’ve tried giving it a bit more mainstream appeal, maybe tap in to the American Kindle audience. I think I hit the level I was aiming at with Book 1, but Book 2 has runaway from me a bit… I think, I think I’ve got problems. Please love me for who I am x

Last bit of writing news is that Amazon have changed the classification of the first two books in The Sid Tillsley Chronicles (not sure if this is a permanent thing). They’re now ranked under satire in genre fiction. As it stands, it goes Wilde, Orwell, Jackman, Vonnegut (with a few in the middle). If Amazon initiate a dogging category, then I’m going to clean up (metaphorically).

These are just Kindle ratings, I must add. The paperbacks aren’t doing anywhere near as well. But Sidney is still flying on Amazon Kindle, and hopefully the new series will piggyback on that success.

Things are moving very nicely. Thank you for all your support x

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