Competition Time

Right then, here’s a chance of immortality! Contribute to the Magical Modernity series which is likely to become a best-seller (in extremely genre-specific charts specifically on Amazon), and live in print beyond your natural life, until the book is pulped at a recycling centre, or burned by social justice warriors.

You have until Sunday 4th March to:

Come up with the name of an elvish p0rn0graphic magazine.

The elf in question is reading the magazine in prison. He is heterosexual, and a meat-and-potatoes kinda guy, so isn’t into freaky stuff, like space docking or kissing. So I’m looking for classic 80s/90s magazine puns.

Leave a comment below or message me. My favourite answer wins a signed* copy of the book and some spare Sid merchandise that no one wanted.

*optional: if you’re thinking of resale.

9 thoughts on “Competition Time”

  1. And the winner is…… “MELFs”

    By Stephen C. Windsor. He’s not usually funny.

    “Ideal Gnomes” was the funniest (good work, Mick), but slightly off subject.

    “Leggy Lass” was the cleverest, but Ken’s too clever for his own good.

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