It’s… ‘Kind’ of Magic

An infinite universe yields infinite possibilities, and not all realities are as laborious as the one we find ourselves trapped. In another set of dimensions, a world analogous to our own grinds the wheel of monotonous life with a different beat and a little certain something, a bit o’ razzamatazz. In this parallel land, elves, dwarves, goblins and halflings live just like you do, in mind-numbing tedium, desperate to make it though the working week and blow their wages on drugs, fags and booze. Just like you.

Just…like… you…

Once upon a time, magic thrived in this wondrous place, a land of witches, warlocks and wizards. Magic, in harmony with Mother Nature, powered the world, but it has fallen out of fashion, shunned in favour of WIFI, flat-screen TVs, and instantly downloadable hardcore German megaporn in ultra-high definition. Technology comes at a price, and not just through discreet subscriptions to instantly downloadable hardcore German megaporn in ultra-high definition. With the inexorable march of progress, the world reaches breaking point. The icecaps melt, the forests disappear and reality TV dominates. The end of the world beckons and a hero is needed.

And a hero awakens….

In the city of London, in Spider-man pyjamas.

Dan Smith is a nerd of the highest order. He isn’t convinced he’s the Chosen One, and nor is anyone else except one man, one wizard, one high wizard of the secret realm of Anglor, the mighty Gambledolf! The ancient wizard assembles a merry bunch of adventurers: an elf from the trees, a dwarf from the hills, and a centaur from a field, to accompany Dan on a mighty quest. They adventure to the North to retrieve The Last Sword of The Fairy King, a catalyst of magic which can reverse global warming and save the world. All that stands in their way are the forces of evil, for there’s likely a Dark Lord involved.

There usually is.