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It’s…Kind…Of Magic, M J Jackman’s first novel in the Magical Modernity series

The first novel in my latest series is available to download, now!

It’s…Kind…of Magic is the first in a four-book fantasy-comedy series, Magical Modernity.

It's... Kind... of Magic: Book one of four of Magical Modernity by [Jackman, M. J.]Set in the modern world, where orcs, goblins, elves and humans live side by side, It’s…Kind…of Magic is a far cry from The Sid Tillsley Chronicles, my debut series of vampire horror-comedies. However, if you enjoyed Sidney’s antics, then you’ll probably find this amusing.

If you’re new to my writing, then the Magical Modernity series is what Pratchett would have written if he had no understanding of commercial and mainstream appeal, and didn’t understand the basics of sentence composition.

Currently available exclusively on Kindle, paperback versions will be available soon. The second in the series, Steroids and Sorcery will be released at the end of 2018.

Competition Time

Right then, here’s a chance of immortality! Contribute to the Magical Modernity series which is likely to become a best-seller (in extremely genre-specific charts specifically on Amazon), and live in print beyond your natural life, until the book is pulped at a recycling centre, or burned by social justice warriors.

You have until Sunday 4th March to:

Come up with the name of an elvish p0rn0graphic magazine.

The elf in question is reading the magazine in prison. He is heterosexual, and a meat-and-potatoes kinda guy, so isn’t into freaky stuff, like space docking or kissing. So I’m looking for classic 80s/90s magazine puns.

Leave a comment below or message me. My favourite answer wins a signed* copy of the book and some spare Sid merchandise that no one wanted.

*optional: if you’re thinking of resale.

200 Goodreads Reviews for The Chronicles

And a fine average to boot (4.45/5.00). Only Mrs Anne Griffin and Dr. Qazi have given Sidney a one-star rating (so far). If you’re on Goodreads, then please give Sid a review, as it all feeds back into Amazon.

After the success of Fistful of Rubbers being sold for 99p, Amazon ran another promo on Sidney, and gave him away free for a few days, but the ratings have not recovered unfortunately, and he’s down in the charts. I’m hoping it’s not the end of a good run, or that Joe Pasquale’s debut novel Deadknobs and Doomsticks, Joe Pasquale’s collection of bizarre and surreal horror stories isn’t taking all my sales (I shit you not).

Amazon pretty much decide the fate of indie authors, and I for one welcome our new corporate overlords.

Christmas Tidings

Many positive generic non-religious wishes to you all.

Few bits of news…

There’s been a delay with the release of It’s… Kind of  Magic, which you’ve probably gathered as I haven’t spammed you with posts over the last couple of months. I’m hoping LL-Publications will release it in February. I’ll keep you updated.

I’ve moved jobs, and start the new one next week. A couple of weeks between positions, I’ve hammered book 2 of the Magical Modernity series, Steroids and Sorcery. I’ve written 28,000 words in my “two weeks off” (as the wife calls it) and I’m half way through my first draft (52,000 words in).

After The Sid Tillsley Chronicles, I’ve tried to rein Magical Modernity in a bit, in terms of gross-out, swearing, violence. I’ve tried giving it a bit more mainstream appeal, maybe tap in to the American Kindle audience. I think I hit the level I was aiming at with Book 1, but Book 2 has runaway from me a bit… I think, I think I’ve got problems. Please love me for who I am x

Last bit of writing news is that Amazon have changed the classification of the first two books in The Sid Tillsley Chronicles (not sure if this is a permanent thing). They’re now ranked under satire in genre fiction. As it stands, it goes Wilde, Orwell, Jackman, Vonnegut (with a few in the middle). If Amazon initiate a dogging category, then I’m going to clean up (metaphorically).

These are just Kindle ratings, I must add. The paperbacks aren’t doing anywhere near as well. But Sidney is still flying on Amazon Kindle, and hopefully the new series will piggyback on that success.

Things are moving very nicely. Thank you for all your support x

The Front Cover of “It’s…’Kind’… of Magic”

I always love this bit. Pat Currier, who put together all the Sid covers is on board for the Magical Modernity series too, and he’s finished the cover for It’s… Kind… of Magic.

I’m getting quite excited about this new project, and I’m 10K words into the sequel, Steroids and Sorcery. I’m almost certain this is going to be a four-book series. If it goes well, there’s scope to set other stories in the world (a bit like Pratchett did with the Discworld series, but without the popularity). Having said that, I’ve got some other projects on the go, and I want to write in other genres.

Anyway, here’s the cover. I hope you like it.

I didn’t hear no bell

I didn’t expect to write another blog post, but…

Life stuff got in the way for a few years: a couple of house moves and going back to school and all that. However, I did sneak another novel in, but just sat on it.

And then, a few months ago, this selling-books lark took off. Below, are the Amazon rankings for the three books over the last two years.

I went from selling next to nothing, to shifting several hundred a month. On Amazon, all three of the chronicles have been number one in comedy-horror. The Great Right Hope has also been number one in horror parodies and satires, regularly duking it out with American Psycho for top spot. It’s been top five in Dark Comedy and top ten in British horror. It’s highest Kindle rank to date has been 2512. This year, every month has seen an increase in sales. Long may it continue!

So it’s time for the next novel, first in a fantasy comedy series. I’m hoping I can piggyback on Sidney’s success. The new novel will hit the shelves at the end of the year. Details to follow, shortly.