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M.J. Jackman’s books on Goodreads

The Great Right Hope
The Great Right Hope (The Sid Tillsley Chronicles #1)

reviews: 11

ratings: 67 (avg rating 4.37)


A Fistful of Rubbers
A Fistful of Rubbers (The Sid Tillsley Chronicles #2)

reviews: 6

ratings: 33 (avg rating 4.48)


Acracknophobia (Sid Tillsley Chronicles #3)

reviews: 3

ratings: 27 (avg rating 4.48)


Critical reviews:

The Great Right Hope

“Kudos to Mark Jackman for inventing an out-of-the-ordinary vampire tale and offering diversity within the realm of familiarity.  I have already recommended The Great Right Hope to several of my friends, and now I want to recommend this book to all those who are stuck in the rut of the same old vamp groove and want to expand their boundaries.”

Mid-West Book Reviews

Fistful of Rubbers

“What I really liked about A Fistful of Rubbers is the interaction between Sid and the boys and the well crafted dialogue. I really have not read anything quite like it. It is so refreshing to read a quirky and original vampire story that does not regurgitate the same old plotlines and characters that are so common in this genre. What we get instead is a fresh perspective and characters who are seared into your brain, whether you want them there or not.

Mark Jackman has created a series filled with characters that make you feel as if you need to don a gas mask and a biohazard suit just to read the book, but I am more than willing to feel violated to share in the insanity that is Sid Tillsley.

If you want to laugh out loud and read with a smile on your face, you have to pick up this book. However, be prepared to be offended—but in a deliciously perverse way.”

Bitten by Books


“It’s a mystery, a wonderment, how Jackman kept track of the twists and body count. Not even the most teeth-sharpened vampire aficionado will be able to guess how this one ends. I commend this book to all readers of both humour and vampire genres. Enjoy.”

Geoff Nelder, Cafe Doom